YOUi User Guide

Introduction: Welcome to the YOUi entertainment system! This user guide will help you navigate through the features and functions of this unique gaming and media platform. With YOUi, you can enjoy both board games and video games in one place, without any coding knowledge required. This guide is designed to make your experience with YOUi enjoyable and hassle-free.

1. Getting Started

Before you start using YOUi, personalize it by painting it with your own design*. Once you're ready, follow these steps to set up the system:

*Warning: When painting cover up the air vents to ensure no paint gets on the computer inside. There is no warenty for this product and paint damage will not be covered if a replacement is needed.

2. Powering On

To turn on your YOUi entertainment system:

3. Connecting Devices

To use your device as a controller for YOUi:

4. Display Options

If you don't want to connect YOUi to a TV or monitor, you can use your device as the primary screen or as a controller. The first device you connect will give you the option to choose.

5. Enhancing the Experience

If you're using a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer as a screen, download the app provided on our website or within the YOUi app itself. This will improve your gaming experience.

6. Game Interaction

When playing games or media on YOUi, here are some interaction options:

7. Powering Off

To power off your YOUi entertainment system:

Congratulations! You now have a basic understanding of how to use YOURi. Enjoy playing board games and video games with family and friends, all while keeping your media and data in one place. Remember to comply with local laws and practices when copying and distributing media. Try making games and check out our Dev Tools and Dev documentation. If you have any further questions or need assistance, refer to YOUi's documentation or contact our support team. Happy gaming!

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