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Our mission: is to bring families and friends into the same room for more engaging and entertaining experiences that they own and have full controll over.

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Our Vision: is to change the media market for the betterment of the customer and the industry as a whole, for a better future for all.

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Our Products: are made with love and the vission one changing gaming for the better. We cant wait to get each one of our product into your hand and we hope they bring you as much joy as we have felt making them.

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Us: We a re just a very small team of board game devlopers and programers. We all have a day job that isn't this, but we love this industry and poor are hearts and souls into every product we put out.

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The entertainment system that brings people together by enhacing board game experiences, making games easier to build, and keeping you games and media in physical form.

YOUi is offline and allows you to connect your phone as a controller through its offline network. It also inclueds a barcode scanner for better board game integrations.

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YOUi Viewer

The desktop application that lets you play some games off line, improves you experiance with YOUi, and play YOUi online games when you are away from your console.

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WebDesk Website

While we cannot provide the same experience that you get on the console, our website attempts to provide you with added content that we hope you find entertaining and usefull.

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YOUi Games

YOUi games come in three flavors. Board games with digital enhancements that are either critcal or not critical to game play, standalone html games, or standalone games built to work with the YOUi controller.

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Your Games

YOUi games are built with web tech and act as a web server. That means you have a lot of recources available to you. We also inclued great no code and code dev tools and documintation. You can build a game and play it on the system now. Get started today!

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Our Games

Librarium Games is our in house game studio. They have made some great board games successfuly backed on kickstarter.

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The Universe

We live in a world ware Wonderland, Maybeland, the Hallowands, and the world os Senary all co exist with each other.

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From Alice in Wonderland and Throughthe looking glass

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From the Cinnamon Bear radio adventure

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From the brain of Alex, a creative choose your own adventure game

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Is a reimagined standard card deck and escape roomesk game with a mythical story, created by Adam.

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