Dev Tools

  • Dev tools were built to help those with great ideas, but no programming knowledge to build great games

Idea Genorator

  • This is a simple tool used to help you brainstorm ideas for your next game.

  • All you do is click the “Generate an Idea”

Card Genorator

  • This application allows you to build game compints

  • The real power of this program is that it lets you quickly edit a single shared part of all your cards at the same time.

  • Does the number at the top of the card need to be moved over 50px to the left? You can do that with this program.

  • The complete documintation for this program will be located within the progam itself

  • You can find a link to the templates and instructions on the Card Generators home page.

  • This system will produce png’s off your components. You can also make a print and play pdf from your browser. It also includes a card showcase program were you can display your components in a fun way on your website or on your YOUi system

Board Game Developer

  • Board Game Developer allows you to simulate your board game digitally on the YOUi system in 2D

  • This tool simulates the physics of your game but not the rules. Just like a real board game the players have to do that for themselves.

  • This tool can be usefull for prototyping and playtesting. I can also be cool for screenshots for your marketing.

  • Full instructions can be found in the Board Game Developer toolkit itself.

Platform Developer

  • As the name implies, this development tool can help you build a platformer game without any coding.

  • All you need to do is choose your png images for your assets and name the image the name that corisponds to the behaviors you want that image to have.

  • For example if you name an image “player.png” it will move when the player uses their controller and the game camera will fallow it. If you name an image “platform_1.png” Players will be able to jumb on this immage.

  • The edditor will let you drag each image on to the scene and save it were you have placed it for testing.

Side Scrolling Shooter Developer

The Side Scrolling Shooter tool will function the same way as the “Platform Developer” tool just for Side Scrolling Shooters.

Top Down Adventure Developer

The Top Down Adventure tool will function the same way as the “Platform Developer” tool just for Top Down Adventures.