Direct Games

  • Direct games are games that take place on the users controler (ie: phone, tablet, comupter) instead of the screen

  • Direct games do not use YOUi’s controler, but instead use the native inputs provided by the players devise

  • Direct games is a great way to use engines built for standard html games

  • You can also setup your direct game to work with the main screen were the player uses there device as a custom controller. In this way you can make an even more emersive experince then a standard YOUi game.

Starting Script

  • To start your game you must include a seprate index.html and index.js that does not inclued you game and looks something like this.


 1<!DOCTYPE html>
 3  <head>
 4    <title>Direct Connect</title>
 5    <script src="/"></script>
 6  </head>
 7  <body>
 9    <h1>Direct Connect</h1>
10    <p>To your player one controler</p>
11    <h2>Your game will start in seconds</h2>
12    <script src="index.js"></script>
13  </body>


1const socket = io();
2socket.emit('direct', '/path/to/game/index.html');
3setTimeout(function() {
4  window.location.href = '/photo.html?title=game.jpg&sec=card';
5  // The above code will display a photo you provide on the primary screen while the players play your game on their own devices
6  // The title varable gives the file path to your games photo.
7  // You can also add text on your photo by adding a txt file with the same filename as your photo
8  // The photo can be a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
9 }, 100);
  • It is a good idea to add a QR code in the picture to be displayd on the primary screen so other players can play your game too

  • Only the first player will be automatically directed to you game on their controller

  • If the redirect fails it is a good idea to have a QR code to allow them to try again.

  • is installed on the YOUi system and can be used for local online multiplayer as well as for giving sertain comainds to your game

  • If you include the javascript files listed below in “YOUi Integration” You can use the 18 sockets opened up for you for your game by the YOUi system

  • These sockets are general purpose and can be used at your own discretion or not at all.

  • There are 6 sockets for each player to talk to the primary screen. These are: loc_screen1, loc_screen2, loc_screen3, loc_screen4, loc_screen5, loc_screen6

  • There are 6 sockets to call to all players, but not the screen. These are loc1, loc2, loc3, loc4, loc5, loc6

  • There are 6 socket to call each player indiviually. loc_p1 calls player1, loc_p2, calls player 2, loc_p3 calls player 3, loc_p4 calls player 4, loc_p5 calls player 5, loc_p6 calls player 6

  • Each player is assined their own socket group when they connect there controller if they have connected there controller properly before fallowing the url to your game

  • Calling a local socket looks like this: socket.emit('loc1', 'Something_happend!');

  • Session or local storage can be used for your game or game saves if you want to save to the users device.

  • Saving will not work on the main file system however because the it is set to read only and no changes are perminet

YOUi Integration

  • There are a few difrent ways to integrate your direct game with the rest of the YOUi system

  • You can provide a link to allow the player to easily get back to their YOUi controller /control.html

  • Using and the tin function socket.emit('tin', [filename, 'card']); you can change what the player sees on the main screen while they are playing your game. This can greatly anhance your game and the players experience

  • Filename would be changed to the filename on you ame card that you would wish to be displayed on the screen.

  • In order to use the tin function, you must inclued all the scripts required in a standard game as seen in the “Standard Games” section

  • These files whould inclued <script src="/"></script><script src="NoSleep.js"></sript><script src="emulsion.js"></script>

  • You also should include this script in your main js file:

1function em_tinv(msg){}
2// This code is use to capture magic spells from the players controller and will cause errors if it is not inclueded in your file.
3// It also can be used to recieve inputs from the bar code scanner built into the YOUi system